Wednesday, February 10, 2010



A heart for Valentines Day. Or just a bit digisplatter. New brushes are always useful.

When I find a song that goes straight to my heart, I can listen to it twenty times in a row without getting tired. "Road Salt" by Pain of Salvation - one of many contributions to the Swedish Eurovision-Song-contest-song - has swept it away everywhere due to contest rules. Now I listen to this and when there are these (highly).

Last weekend we wathced the movie Star Trek. I really like those films, how unreal they are, I still like them. Have you seen Star Trek? Then you know maybe how I think when I say that our society is becoming what the Borg are: having a common consciousness: the Internet.

Another reflection I did this weekend was when I read on a blog "... and we have saw the SUN in the weekend ...". I thought what does SUN stands for? Then it struck me that SUN means just sun. It is hard to be modern... :)

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