Friday, January 8, 2010

The yellow house

Gula Huset

I prefer passengers seat. Then I can watch everything passing by. Houses. Trees. Patterns. Colors. People. Inspiration.

On my way to work - driver's seat though - in principle I always get a red ligth at the junction by the yellow-brick-house, which is good: since it is my put-on-some-light-pink-lipstick-stop.

Recently they changed the windows and changed the sashes to a strong yellow color. Looking a bit odd, but something that stands out from the other mainstream houses.

One morning an old couch and a shelf was standing outside, waiting for the moving van. The house was like inside-out. And probably also the life of an old lady, moving to a elderlyhome.

Hey! Camera! Quick. Then the light went green and life moved on.

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