Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another caffe-latte-day

Caffe latte day

Are you happy today? I feel quite good. Soon I will go for lunch at my favourite café and have a caffe latte with whipped cream (lchf) and sort out ideas to new images that I have in my Moleskin. I expect a feel-good-mode to appear then.

This week we changed our newspaper subscription to a "Friday to Sunday"-subscription. We do not have time to read it properly on weekdays and a bonus is that we have more than halved the amount of journals to be carried away to recycling. And yesterday came the news with the real picture of it: IPad. I love the smart design. And stylish. The only question is when you can buy your giant-iPhone for home use.
Maybe we have to buy two "Can you pass me the Culture-pages, please??".

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